Another hack I did for musichackday Boston 2010: demo of a service I'd like to exist.

"Lix" is twitter for music; a platform for basement tapes.

Members upload a "lik" (pronounced 'lick') like a tweet or blog post.  Listeners subscribe to feeds and music arrives on their pod/pad/phone.  Don't like?  Unfollow!

It's public-by-default, welcoming low-polish/non-professional work (like YouTube).   Size-limited (like Twitter); maybe 90 or 120 seconds.

By analogy, from most polish & ownership to least:
(Book/magazine)  is to  (WordPress)  is to  (Twitter)
(CD/concert)   is to  (SoundCloud)  is to  (Lix)

musichackday page

Demo program

The demo is a CGI program that runs on a server; temporarily set up at (this won't stay live).

Clicking a 'follow' link launches iTunes and subscribes to a podcast (of short tracks, not episodes).

Logging in lets members manage and upload tracks.  Uploading automatically updates the podcast rss feed.

The demo shows that when you take away all the legalities & tracking, very little remains.  Building a lix server isn't hard.

screenshot 1

screenshot 2


Feature wish list:

web integration: facebook,twitter,youtube,soundcloud,podcast,stream

see who people are following

stream of most recent

aggregating/searching/grouping (EchoNest stuff)