December 2009

I went to Punto y Raya to see Race Point in person. Had a great time, met cool people, and saw a lot of terrific animation.

Jan 17, 2010:  The IFCT festival has scheduled Gymnopedies to be screened in Portland, Oregon at the Living Room Theatres.

November 2009

I got a Digitech JamMan a couple of months ago and I love it.

Being me, it ended up with custom software: JMEd.  If you have one you should check it out.

September 2009

New work: Race Point

This was accepted into the PyR festival in Barcelona in November!

(click to watch on YouTube)

Composed by Erik Lindgren, recorded by Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, used by permission.

I visualized each tone as a grid spaced according to relative frequencies, to watch the interactions of the differently-spaced grids.  Didn't get quite the effect I was hoping for, but it's pleasing.

June 2009

I overhauled my pictures of music, and interesting things happened on the way.   A lot of musical structure and theory is visible in the images.

a verse of reggae

January 2009

Wow, it's been a while since an update.

I've been preparing new work, which should show up soon.  Meanwhile..

I received word that my video Gymnopedies has been accepted into the travelling IFCT film festival (though it's not scheduled yet). 

Many thanks to Robin Alciatore for permission to use the recording!   I had originally found the track online, incorrectly labelled as public domain.

Also, Dennis Miller's Visual Music Marathon (including my video Erev) is showing in NYC on April 11

Erev has been travelling with selections from the original Marathon to various locations abroad over the past 2 years.