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16 Nov 2010

The iTunes podcast doesn't seem to work for everyone.  Here are bundled downloads.

These are collections of the recordings I've liked best; the sets are under 10 minutes each.

2010 Ned5 A     |      2010 Ned5 B

09 Nov 2010

I got tired of tangling with my jamman loops, so I reworked the editor program to do it for me.

The result: a new & improved audio library program, NWEd.  This has been holding things up-- more music soon.

18 Oct 2010

Another hack I did for musichackday Boston 2010: demo of a service I'd like to see exist.

"Lix" is twitter for music; a platform for basement tapes.


18 Oct 2010

A hack I did for musichackday Boston 2010: sync a slideshow to a soundtrack, using EchoNest API to find beats.

Example video:
still  My excellent day in Provincetown (0:48).

The number of slides is the same as the number of beats, so it shows how the EchoNest beat finder did on this particular audio file.


05 Oct 2010

Added streaming to blogcast.

28 Sep 2010

Chords to 100928_13h41m.mp3:
C   am  G    [am am7] |
F^  em  f#*7  E7      |
am  F^  G    [C  E7 ] |
C   F^  C     G       |
   (symbols )

02 Sep 2010


I've been making a ton of recordings on my looping pedal and iPhone looping app; a few work as short-form compositions.  I'm posting some of the better ones as a podcast, just to see if that's interesting.

The files are downloadable from here, too, if anyone wants them!

01 Sep 2010

new website

Replacing with a new concept.   Old posts are still in the archive.

27 May 2010

circle of 5ths

.. as a clock.  A little whimsical.


14 May 2010

music ASCII

A system for writing chords and simple scores, for fixed-width fonts


Angel From Montgomery
 V|G C G C | G C D G | G C G C | G C D G |
Ch|G F C G | G F D G | G F D G | G F D G |

All of Me
C^ E7 A7 dm | E7     am            D7      [dm G7] |
C^ E7 A7 dm |[F fm] [C^ em7 A7 .] [dm7 G7]  C6     |

Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 Prelude 1
  C   dm7/C  G/B | C      am    D7    G/B   | C^  am7  D7    G   |
                 | go7    dm/F  fo7   C/E   | F^  dm7  G7    C   |
                 | C7     F^    f#o7  fm/Ab | G7  C/G  G7&4  G7  |
                 | co7/G  C/G   G7&4  G7    | C7  F/C  G7/C  C  ||


A-G and a-g for root names
#   = sharp
b   = flat
m   = minor chord
o,* = diminished chord
+   = augmented  chord
^   = major 7th  chord (like the little triangle)
&   = suspension; e.g. &4,&6, etc.

|  = bar line or line break
|| = double bar
.  = repeat last chord
:  = section repeat, as |: ----------- :|

Chords are lined up in columns to indicate relative duration.

full article..

31 Jan 2010

At PyR I met Albert Callejo, who let me use a collection of sounds he'd generated on a Virus Synth. The result is this video, which gives a pretty good education as to what sound looks like:

My animation Gymnopedies received an honorable mention at the ifct screening in Portland this month!

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