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about me

I'm Ned Resnikoff  (but not this Ned Resnikoff).
I'm a musician who's combined my interests in music and mathematics by applying wavelet filters to audio analysis.    I am working on software tools to make sound and music something we can see, understand, and modify in new ways.

my youtube page.

about the movies & music

The images are mathematical representations of actual audio data.

Spectral data adds a visual dimension to sound, which can guide the ear, show musical structure and, I hope, amplify the listener's emotional reaction to the music itself.  Like an electron microscope, these images reveal a beautiful and little-known world that is already present in music.

I use my own recordings, or the work of musicians who give me permission to post the movies.  

about the software

I use a suite of custom programs for spectral analysis, graphics, and various other tasks.  Some of these are available to use; see my software page.

thanks to..

These things don't get done single handedly.  Grateful thanks to

Jori .. hlr .. .. .. gd [] .. libsndfile .. Mark Tigerman [] .. Pete Johannsen, Mark Koyama, Maia Rutman [] .. Sarah Block .. .. .. John Howard .. .. .. Stephen Malinowski [] .. Sandeep Puri .. Martin the Troubadour .. Dennis Miller .. Ken Field .. Dan Weiner .. Diane Wernick .. Shimon Ben-Shir .. .. & many others


Musician websites

Ken Field ... Robin Alciatore ... Dan Weiner ... Shimon Ben-Shir Group ... Heathen Creek ... Chiefly ... Mark Tigerman ...

...Thank you all, you make this a lot more fun.

Visual Music

Maura McDonnell's Visual Music blog ... Stephen Malinowski's Music Animation Machine ... Dennis Miller's Visual Music Marathon ... the punto y raya festival ... Karen Aqua ... Alex Voorhoeve ... Center for Visual Music ... Larry Cuba's Iota Center ... Color Piano Project ... James Walker's Mathematics & Music


This great open source software has made it all possible!

fast lightweight toolkit ... the portaudio project ... gd graphics library ... libsndfile ... lame mp3 encoder ... SoX Sound Exchange utility 2007