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31 Oct 2013

New video!

Hard to believe I actually finished this! Excellent soundtrack by Ken Field & Revolutionary Snake Ensemble.

Opens with drumbeats in 11: I Got It detail

Yeah, that's cool.

Video link on the way.


10 Mar 2013

Whale song

I've been getting such decent resolution in the low register that I revisited this recording of whale song. Big singer, low notes.

No particular observations, other than the images look pleasingly whale-like. An onomatopoeia is a word that sounds like what it is. What do you call a sound that looks like what it is?

whale song detail


13 Feb 2013

Harmonic convergence:

(fully annotated picture past the click)


07 Feb 2013

This is a pretty interesting sonic texture, from an orchestral string section.  Are those the individual instruments going in and out of phase?

It's from the first notes of Beethoven's 5th:


28 Jan 2013

Needed help finding the downbeat.  I put a ruler on the first verse, where I could line up with the bass:

..then moved it to the previous position.  So the rhythm is 4 measures of |++++++X+| and 4 of |++++++XX|.

18 Jan 2013

This has been bugging me & my guitar buddy; we haven't been satisfied with the chords we're playing here. 

Looks like C^ | . D^ . E^ | E^ . E . ||

15 Jan 2013

I've been saving spectrograms as png files.  They're 60 pixels per second horizontally and 5 bands per half-step vertically.

Each pixel is a 24-bit number.  This covers 10*log10(2^24) dB=72.24dB, which is pretty good.  I guess I could use the alpha bit to kick it up to a 32 bit number (96dB) but I like the fact that it's human readable:

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